6th Annual Streamys: Nominees For Animation

The Streamy Awards, also known as the Streamys, are presented annually by Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter to recognize and honor excellence in online video, including directing, acting, producing and writing. The awards were founded in 2009 with over 40 categories to choose from. Winners are determined by the Streamys Blue Ribbon Panel, a judging body consisting of creators, executives, and other people in the online industry. This years Streamy Awards are scheduled to be broadcast live on VH1 / MTV. The formal ceremony takes place in Los Angeles, California. The nominees for this year that include an animated series for both younger generations and older generations include:

1. Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm)

2. Emo Dad (FIne Brothers Enterainment)

3. RWBY (Rooster Teeth)

4. sWooZie (Swoozie)

5. Very Animated People

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