Cancellation of The Little Prince Movie

It was announced a week before the release of, The Little Prince that Paramount has decided to cancel the US release date. Paramount Pictures was suppose to release the movie March 18th, 2016. The film was first released at Cannes Film Festival with positive reviews. The movie has already grossed $80 million overseas with many people in the United States looking forward to the release of the movie. Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince sent out a message today concerning the movie. He stated that, “Many thanks to everyone for the outpouring of love and support in these strange times. As it turns out, the much anticipated U.S. release of this special and unique film will have to be anticipated just a little bit more. All I can say is #thelittleprince will in fact be released by another distributor later this year. Until then, head to Canada! The film opens there in wide release this weekend!” As for a US release date we can hope they release the movie in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Cancellation of The Little Prince Movie

    1. I can’t figure out why they would cancel the movie. Do they think the US wouldn’t like the movie? The movie had some great freedback at Cannes and has positive views overseas. :/ I know of a lot of people that were looking forward to seeing this movie. At least we have moana, finding dory and a few other movies to look forward to later in the year/next year.

      1. why do you think that? Do you think they are doing it to increase hype for the movie? It wouldnt surprise me if they released the movie because of that reason

  1. With Zootopia crushing the box office, and considering the non-existent advertising campaign (Zootopia was in the public mind for 2 years maximum before release, while The Little Prince only very recently entered the public mind) this is a pretty wise move on Paramount’s part. The film only earned 10 million above its production budget after being out in the EU for nearly a year; if Paramount released it now it is almost certain it would be a commercial flop.

    1. Thank you for your input. It also helped zootopia too when they were targeting a certain fandom as well. I know plenty of people that are familiar with the le petit Prince. I guess I’ll have to drive to canada to see the movie in theaters

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