Soggy Flakes Animated Film

Soggy Flakes, the animated short film comedy and latest project from the award-winning Affolter brothers, has screened at the 2018 Crossroads Film Festival in Madison, Mississippi, on April 13th.

Directed by the veteran Affolter brothers of Foreshadow Films and winner of the Storyhive animated short film grant, Soggy Flakes tells the story of a group of washed-up, out-of-work breakfast mascots who form a weekly support group to help them deal with the reality of a low-carb, sugar-free and gluten-intolerant world. The chance arrival of Captain Kale, a sell-out ex-colleague at one of their meetings forces the group to re-evaluate what it means to be successful.

Nominated for 3 Canadian Screen Awards including Best Web Program, Best Direction and Best Actor, Soggy Flakes features an eclectic cast of animated characters such as Leon the Liger, Ms. Swheatie, and Dr. Bird Berry. Soggy Flakes is the latest stop-motion animated project from the Affolter brothers, following the highly popular Food Flix stop-motion animated web series. The stop-motion film boasts the considerable voice talents of Peter New (My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop), Cole Howard (The New Adventures of Peter Pan, Leo Award winner for Bob’s Broken Sleigh), April Cameron (Leo Award Nominee for The Philosophy of Phil) and David C. Jones as Captain Kale.

The Affolters have been the recipients of over 60 international awards or nominations including but not limited to: Leo Awards, Bilbao Web Fest, Heart of England Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Reel World Film Festival, International Film Festival of South Africa and San Francisco Web Festival.

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