2016 Disney Films: Zootopia and Moana

Walt Disney Animation Studios has recently announced that Zootopia will be released March 6,2016 and Moana will be released November 26, 2016. Zootopia will be directed by Byron Howard who has worked on films such as Tangled, Bolt and Lilo & Stitch. Zootopia will be the 55th animated feature for Disney and will be produced by Clark Spencer who has also produced Lilo& Stitch and Wreck-it Ralph. The comedic adventure follows a fast talking fox named Nick Wilde who goes on a run when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. The animal city of Zootopia is divded by multiple neighborhoods  which top cop and self righteous rabbit, Lt. Judy Hops travels through to investigate Nick Wilde’s case. Unexpectedly, the fox and the rabbit must team up and discover that natural enemies can in fact, become best friends.
Moana is an upcoming hand-drawn/ computer animated film and will be the 56th film for Disney. The film is described as a “mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of island in the South Pacific.” Moana is the spirited teenager who sets sail to complete her ancestors quest where she teams up with demi-god Maui. She also encounters sea creatures, and different worlds based off of ancient folklore.  The film will be directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. This will be there first fully computer animated film and Disney’s first Polynesian princess.

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