DreamWorks Animation and Hasbro Merger

It was just announced that Hasbro, American multinational toy and board game franchise merger has fallen through to purchase DreamWorks Animation. Theorist speculate that the reason this merger talk was cut short was because DreamWorks asking price was to high.  Analysts have reported DreamWorks Animation has considered selling 25% of Awesomeness TV to Heart Publishing for $85.1 million. $56.25 million of the deal will go to DreamWorks Animation while the remaining $25 million will be invested back in Awesomeness TV. Awesomeness TV is an American sketch-comedy reality series on Youtube to make better films and grow media channels. The merger could allow new digital channels to be progressed by strictly targeting, moms and their children as well as athletes.
Hasbro_masthead_short DWA_Brands
The deal has been stated that the merger will not take place anytime soon but there are still talks that in 60 days the deal is still on the table. If this deal does progress and the merger is final CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg will be the head of the new company. Katzenberg still believes that there is a bright future for DreamWorks Animation and that  the companies film distribution deal lasts through 2017. Even though the deal had a $2.3 billion dollar market there is still time for DreamWorks Animation to expand.

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