The Animation Archive Community

I stumbled upon this live creative bunch of animators who enjoy animated films, creating their own work and enjoy discussions revolving around animation. The Animation Archive is a blog that ties together a group of  bloggers that aren’t afraid to speak their mind. All of them range from different ages from professional animators to students. They critique one another based on their work and like to fill in topic discussions on the Animation Archive. Many of them have experience and are willing to communicate with people who have questions related to animation and film. Each blogger contributors their own articles and ideas to the main page of the Animation Archive blog to expand peoples views on animation. I find it incredibly fascinating that you have many people interacting with each other on this blog with the same common interest of animation and film. They speak freely about topics, past experiences on film and what their overall opinion is on the film industry. Most of them are huge Disney and Pixar fans but they do like to critique smaller independent films who are trying to target the animation industry.


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