Using Google Trends to find information on Animation

Animation is a growing and creative trend that is expanding within the film industry. As a film enthusiast as well as an artist i want to understand the current topics discussed about animation as well as the relationship animation has around the world. I was searching for ways to find accurate information on animation that would be helpful to me, as well as to other film admirers. I used a web page called Google Trends that was created by Google Inc, that would help me obtain the information i was looking for.
Google Trends is a webpage that shows how often a particular search term is entered across various regions of the world. Google Trends also breaks down popularity in countries, regions and language and displays related search terms to the topic you are searching. When i typed in animation on Google Trends i was given many results that really focused my attention around the film and animation industry. Google Trends has specifically helped me understand the growing trend of animation in current years on the internet as well as the forecast for future trends.
An example of this would be Google Trends displaying the top 7 Regions as well as top 7 Cities that have the most popular search terms for animation; which happens to be Vietnam, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Peru, China, Thailand and Ecuador. This information on regions and cities was helpful to me because it showed common interest of animation that is outside of the United States.
This information can be helpful to people who are students or professional artist who wish to learn more about animation in specific areas. This information can also be beneficial because if there is an increase in animation from the past 10 years and in regions outside of the United States it shows a common interest within people and can build better relationships for the film industry. What i found the most fascinating on the site was the related searches for animation.  The related search terms consisted of topics and search queries which are key words. Topics related to animation were graphics, drawing animated cartoon and Adobe flash.
From these topics it has shown me that people are looking up information on how to animate and what software or technique they are using or searching. It can teach people searching for animation that there are various other ways one can animate if they are an artist, or what artists work on while working on a film specifically for animation.

Here is a short video displaying what has been the most popular searches on Google for 2013

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