Animation is Film Festival 2019

About The Animation is Film Festival:

The Animation is Film Festival is a film festival produced by GKIDS in collaboration with Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Variety, and ASIFA Hollywood.  The event this year took place on October 18-20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Animation is Film Festival Films in Competition

Weathering With You (US Premiere)

Weathering With You
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Weathering With You has received many positive reviews from overseas. Directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by Genki Kawamura, let’s hope this movie lives up to the hype like the smash hit, Your Name. The movie has already been recognized as Japan’s official International Feature Film entry to the 2020 Academy Awards.

I Lost my Body (LA Premiere)

I Lost My Body
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Based on the novel, “Happy Hand” by Academy Award nominee Guillaume Laurant and presented in partnership with COLCOA Fench Film Festival, this well-receiving film has received positive feedback from Cannes and Annecy.  The film has spent around seven years in production.

Bombay Rose (US Premiere)

Bombay Rose
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Bombay Rose is a hand-painted animated film that takes place in the streets of Bombay. Created by award-winning animator, Gitanjali Rao who has received more than 20 awards for her animated short, “Printed Rainbow.”

Children of the Sea (US Premiere)

Children of the sea
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Children of the Sea is based on a manga that discusses the comparison between nature and humanity. The movie was released in June and is the first film adaptation of a Daisuke Igarashi manga.

Marona’s Fantastic Tale (US Premiere)

Marona's Fantastic Tale
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Marona’s Fantastic Tale tells the story of a little dog that remembers all the different owners she’s had.

No 7. Cherry Lane (US Premiere)

No. 7 Cherry Lane
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

No 7. Cherry Lane is a Hong Kong-Chinese film that has been played in multiple film festivals around the world. The movie was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival and won the Best Screenplay Award.

Ride your Wave (West Coast Premiere)

Ride Your Wave
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

From director Masakki Yuasa (who has worked on films such as Walk on Girl, and Devilman Crybaby) this emotional new film will tug at your heartstrings.

SHe (West Coast Premiere)

Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

SHe is a stop motion film that uses over 60,000 photographs. The film took over five years to create.  A story with characters that can be described with purpose and a lot of soul (pun intended).

The Swallows of Kabul (LA Premiere)

Swallows of Kabul
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

Based on a novel by Yasmina Khadra this daring film discusses two Afghani couples living under the shadow of the Taliban.

White Snake (West Coast Premiere)

White Snake
Photo Credit: Animation is film festival

White Snake is a Chinese computer-animated fantasy film inspired by the traditional Chinese fable, Legend of the White Snake.  The film has been featured at Annecy, Sitges Film Festival and Warsaw International Film festival.

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