Detroit International Festival of Animation (2019)

About the Detroit International Festival of Animation

The 4th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA) celebrates and showcases a diverse group of international and local filmmakers. The event took place on April 5th and 6th in Detroit. For more information regarding the festival, you can visit the site here.

Detroit International Festival of Animation Films

“Black Forehead Fatface” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2018 Michigan 0:45)

Mind Power Black Forehead! Shut Up to the Fatfaces!

“Purrsonnel” – Shayla Stokes (2018 Canada 2:08)

A cat lands an interview at Corp Corp, the most coveted company in the city.

“In an Empty Wood” – Chia-Hsin Lee (2018 California 2:36)

A poetic animation on the jealousy of seeing someone succeed in a path you once considered.

“Limbo” – Jennifer Stachovic (2018 Illinois 5:21)

A lonely ghost girl, longing to cross over, befriends a mysterious phantom limb.

“Apple of My Eye” – Davide Benvenuti (2018 Singapore 5:50)

Photo Credit: Toggle

In a strange land, two creatures fight over the last scrap of food.

“I-Occupy” – Lorenzo Lodovichi (2018 Italy 2:25)

Photo Credit: Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival

A political manifestation is unfolding.

“The Pushover” – Hailey Marshall (2016 California 2:55)

A woman’s attempts to say “no” are thwarted by some colorful fuzzy companions.

“Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge” – Aaron Johnson (2018 United States 8:30)

An animated documentary exploring the issues of Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge and suicide through three intimate interviews.

“Hunter or Gatherer” – Fausto Montanari (2018 Italy 0:49)

Every day, by choice or by fate, each human being has to be a hunter or a gatherer.

“The Rougaroux” – Ana Vincent (2018 Michigan 2:10)

Take a midnight drive down the surreal streets of a haunted highway to discover a southern werewolf: a Rougaroux.

“The Long & Short” – Benjamin Windsor (2018 Colorado 4:41)

A lone sheriff wanders the vast western frontier in search of an outlaw.

“Filmesque” – Vincenzo De Sio and Walton Zed (Davide Capasso) (2018 Italy 2:46)

In this tribute to the cinema, the great film director Federico Fellini is in trouble with his camera and Totò ‘The Clown’ will help.

“Love Me, Fear Me” – Veronica Solomon (2018 Germany 6:06)

What would you be willing to do for them to love you?

“Pete the Peacock” – Amanda Low (2018 Canada 2:53)

Pete is a party loving peacock who parties hard as a way of escaping deep feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

“Meat Wrapped In Dough” – Tracy Park (2018 California 2:00)

A light-hearted animated homage to delicious meat wrapped in tasty dough.

“The Land of the 3-Drink Minimum” – Jeremy Speed Schwartz (2018 New York 4:22)

Citizens desperately try to connect with each other, but are unable to see past their own desires or alcohol-soaked heads.

“L’Aria del Moscerino – Death of a Fruit Fly” – Lukas von Berg (2017 Germany 4:30)


A tiny fruit fly defies its impending death with physical strength and vocal power.

“FlyTrap” – Connor Bland (2018 California 6:55)

Charles falls into a germaphobic hysteria living under the unsanitary habits of his roommate.

“All the Things” – Chris Guyot and Paul McMahon (2017 Ireland 1:29)

Photo Credit: BuchaRest Short Film Festival

A collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style.

“Medium Rare” – Luca Cioci (2018 Italy 4:35)

Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

“Unsighted” – Ruby Pettigrew (2018 Australia 3:30)

A young girl copes with the recent loss of her vision by connecting with the world in new ways.

“The Witch’s Mask” – Laura N-Tamara (2017 United Kingdom 4:31)

A story drawing on Indonesian folklore, themes of fatality and the ambivalence one can feel towards family.

“Linnae” – Celina Garrido Villafañe (2017 Puerto Rico 2:49)

Photo Credit: Monstra Film Fesival

After spending much time apart, Linnae and Sycamore rejoice once again till it is time to part ways.

“Sunup” – Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Hopwood (2018 Arizona 4:33)

Photo Credit: Lizzie Hopwood

In a lush tropical forest, a wacky firebird is pursued by a hermit with an intense hunting habit.

“Negative Spaces” – Michaela Wadzinski (2018 Nebraska 6:00)

Photo Credit: Michaela Wadzinski’s

What if your sketchbook drawings came to life?

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