Mushroom Park Kickstarter

About Mushroom Park Kickstarter

Two friends fight to stay alive in the vast, mysterious world of the Mushroom Park kickstarter.

If you believe in the power of hand-drawn animation, believe in Mushroom Park. This is an animated film about the power of turning back when you have the reason to walk away.

Join the KICKSTARTER and help support, Mushroom Park.

I spoke with Tim Rauch (Director) of the animated film.

What is “Mushroom Park: Chapter One”?

This clip is “Chapter One” of a 15-minute film I’ve been making for years and am now months away from finishing. I’m raising funds on Kickstarter to complete the project, which will hopefully have a wonderful festival run and big release online! Fingers crossed.

What inspired the story?

Mushroom Park is inspired by the love-hate dynamic that sits at the heart of so many human relationships. Roger & Derek can’t stand AND can’t live without one another. To me, that’s a version of love and love is about forgiveness and second chances. That was the story I wanted to tell, baked in a wild, cartoon fantasy pie.

What software do you use?

Harmony and Storyboard Pro. They have great ink and paint tools and an intuitive interface that works for my style of straight-forward hand-drawn animation. I’ve also been using it for some backgrounds. That way I can play with color, composition, character & depth-of-field simultaneously.

What artists influence the film?

There are two giant posters on my wall- the girls waiting for the bus in “My Neighbor Totoro” and Signe Baumane’s “Rocks in My Pockets” movie poster. Totoro has the right feel for my film and Signe has the guts. Independent animation takes intestinal fortitude and she has it in spades.

Tell us more about your Kickstarter

I want to move the art of animation forward, to be part of a movement that uses animation as a personal form of communication, as a method of film-making with unlimited potential. This isn’t the kind of story you can tell on a big network or at a giant studio, we’re a bit off the assembly-line. It’s a tiny gem and I want to share it with everyone.

The Animation Team Includes

mushroom park kickstarter

Tim Rauch – Director
He co-created the Peabody award-winning StoryCorps: The Animated Series

Betsy Sodaro – Voice of Derek
Television credits include Disjoined, Comedy Bang! Gang! And Bobs Burgers.

Shondalia White – Voice of Roger
Television credits include American Horror Story: CULT (FX), Adam Ruins Everything (TruTV) or performing stand-up at The Comedy Store, The Ice House or Flappers in LA

Bill Wray – Art Director
Works include Background Supervisor on The Ren & Stimpy Show. He is also a well-known painter.

Chad Cannon – Composer
He has orchestrated on films such as The Hobbit and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kate Finan & Jeff Shiffman – Boom Pox Post (sound and design)
Credits include DuckTales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Brandon Denmark – Animator
Credits include Skullgirls, StoryCorps and Niko and the Sword of Light

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