The Long Way North Review

Long Way North is an animated feature developed by director Remi Chaye. Remi Chaye has worked on the storyboards of, The Secret of Kells and was assistant director of Le Tablueau. Writers include Claire Paoletti and Patricia Valeix. The production includes Sacrebleu Productions that has worked on numerous stories and movies from children to adult. Long Way North, is a French film that that was released at Annecy Film Festival in 2015. The movie is about 90 minutes long and has a 7.8 out of 10 rating on IMDb.It’s American release was September 30,2016.  It accumulated $1.2 million at the  box office but had an overall budget of 6 million dollars.

longwaynorthquadI’ve been waiting to see this movie since it’s production a few years ago and it’s appearance at Annecy Film Festival back in 2015. I was given the chance to see the movie at the lovely theater, Cinema Detroit.  I had high expectations coming into the film with it being in production for a few years. I really enjoyed the backgrounds of the movie but i felt like there were a few elements missing from this film that tied everything together. The animation was traditional 2D but the new style of animation was a little difficult in getting used too. Especially, during the the scenes of the boats on the ice or water. The story line was unique and I liked the traditional tale of a girl wanting to find her grandfather and his ship. I thought the story at times could have been a little bit more exciting. I wanted more background of the Prince/Czar character and the shipmates as well as a few minor characters. I also thought the story could have been improved a little bit more from the grandfathers point of view and a few plot holes were missing.

What I actually really enjoyed about this film was it’s film score. The music was extremely well done with classical music and recent pop music. The soundtrack kept me at the edge of my seat and I enjoyed the quality of music that went into the ship drifting on the sea and the crews walk through the ice and snow. I think this movie was overall good, I think it will make the top 10 contenders of best animation at the Academy Awards. With other big films in the United States and internationally this year I don’t think we will see this movie as a top finalist for  best animation. It’s a movie I recommend to anyone that likes adventure and it’s a movie I think children would enjoy. I would give this movie 2 ships out of 5.

To learn more about the story without giving any spoilers away visit my previous blog post. 



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