2016: Kaputt

An animated documentary short about the central prison for women in the former GDR, based on interviews with former prisoners. The movie is directed by Volker schlecht and Alexander Lahl. The cast includes Gabriele Stotzer and Birgit Willschutz. Country of origin is German and is also known as the Broken: The Women’s prison at Hoheneck. The run time is about 7 minutes long. The studio is Die Kulturingenieure.
The movie has received good reviews and won the grand prix short at the 23rd Stuttgart Festival of Animated FIlm (ITFS) in May. The movie has been able to produce ” a powerful record of the strength and cruelty of human nature. With raw and haunting images, the film examines a part of history which should not be forgotten.” The prize of the event was 15,000 euros. I expect this movie to get some recognition at the Annie’s this year as well as at the Oscars.

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