2016: The Smalls Film Festival

Transforming the landscape of the short film ‘industry’ is not an easy task, but with the help of some pretty visionary people, brands, and organizations, we are connecting filmmakers more directly with the type of ventures that can drive their careers forward. The Smalls Festival is from September 2 to September 7,2016. Located in London.


As for the brands that are members of The Smalls (we call them “Patrons”), they come here to immerse their identity in popular culture, and to discover new and original ways to tell their stories through short film. Sometimes that means they will post a brief for a documentary or a music video, and other times they may ask to see ideas for promoting their tasty blueberry jam. If you are a filmmaker, give them a chance, and perhaps they can change your life.

Community – Where you can talk with other people passionate about film
Program for the Small Film Festival
Past films

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