2016: IN.S.A.N.E Animation Film Festival

In.S.A.N.E Animation Festival is from September 9 to September 11,2016. INSANE is also known as the International Society Animation Noted Echo.  The event was located in Malmo, Sweden last year, but this year it will be located in London. There are over 200 screenings and the entire film festival is free. It is the second time for the festival to take place and deadlines for submission have already passed. The message of this film festival is to show films that have an impact or an “echo” in today’s society.  N.S.A.N.E.´s vision & development is to become a platform for animators and the industry. The festival’s vision is to have sections of films that connect together with panels and talks. Sign up at take part & be part of something big!insane-london.jpg.

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