2016: Carton – Festival Internacional De Cortes De Animacion La Tribu

Driven by the radio program Va … Retro and the audiovisual area FM La Tribu , Carton Festival was born in 2011 with the patronage of the great cartoonist  CALOI , one of the greatest broadcasters of the world ‘s independent animation. The Festival is from September 6 to September 12,2016.  Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since its inception, the festival paraded hundreds of shorts from all over the world, which were evaluated by the most prestigious references of national animation, as in the case of Juan Pablo Zaramella , Ayar Blasco , Maria Veronica Ramirez , Pablo Rodriguez Jauregui and Raul Manrupe among others.

Workshops, work in progress, teleconferences, lectures and fair comics are just some of the attractions that each year circulate in the competitive material intermingling with the festival.

Cardboard aims to bring together animators, directors, producers, artists, cartoonists and the whole community to see, enjoy and promote animated film as a means of communication and expression of artistic, technical and political ideas.

Carton Festival seeks meeting with other filmmakers filmmakers and the public in general. Seeks to discover new techniques and new ideas. Seeks to learn, teach and share. Seeks to discuss the world in which we live and the thousand ways we have to encourage him.The tribe, as a means of alternative, independent and community communication proves to be the ideal for all these searches are carried out space.

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