Thank you, Buzzfeed!

Last week I was informed of a recent article that was published on Buzzfeed. Being a long time fan of the American internet media news company i was notified from friends that on a recent rewind Buzzfeed article titled, 13 Movie Easter Eggs that Cleverly Reference Other Films by Brian Galindo accumulated a classic and win certification. Being a huge movie fan I decided to check out the article and was amazed to see what i found. The article was posted for only an hour and had already accumulated over 200,000 views. While reading the article i looked at number 12 on the list and noticed my very own animation blog. It’s a small link but in that short amount of time i also noticed a huge viewership to my animation blog. I wanted to say thank you for the small contribution from Buzzfeed and to inform people not to give up on writing something you enjoy, because one day it might be on the front page of a media website.

hans buzzfeed

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