Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2015)

Mune also known as the Guardian of the Moon is a fantasy film about a universe in which the sun and moon are protected by guardians. The movie is based off an original story idea by Benoit Philippon ( Director/Screenwriter of the live action, Lullaby of Pi). Benoir Philippon also co directed with Gobelins grad Alexandre Heboyan, a former Dreamworks animator of Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens. The film will be released by French animation studio, Mikros Image and will be distributed by Paramount Pictures France. The film is scheduled to be released in France, April 22, 2015 and in Italy, February 6, 2015.

mune-poster-bAccording to sources, the film was backed creatively by Glen Keane. It’s unclear if he had any direct involvement in the film. The film has already been picked up for distribution in Italy (Notorious Pictures), South Korea (Smile Entertainment, Middle East (Gulf Films), China (Domo Media), India (Zoom Entertainment), Russia (Volga Films), and Poland (Monolith Films), among other territories. An American distribution has not been named but with increase popularity and awareness of the film expected to draw attention in the upcoming months there might be hope.


19 thoughts on “Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2015)

    1. I’m hoping to see a trailer. If Glen Keane took part in the film it’s expected to be animated beautifully. The trailer in Italy was released but still waiting for them to release an international trailer. Same company that did, Little Prince 🙂 Which I’m really looking forward to as well

  1. Mikros didn’t produce Mune or Little Prince, they hosted therroducer’s artiistic and technical teams (onyx film) in their Canadian facility. Don’t mistake a vendor for or producer these are 2 very different jobs.

  2. I have seen most of the trailers where they had to do with scenes from the movie, but they were translated in different languages.

    1. I’m hoping they have a worldwide release soon. It wouldn’t surprise me if this film makes an academy nomination. If thats the case; they will send it over to the states. keep your fingers crossed

  3. I HOPE THIS GETS RELEASED HERE,THOSE AMERICAN DISTRUBITORS BETTER GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND RELEASE IT HERE,there’s needs to be more movies like this here.especially the creatures!sure it’s the same “CGI”animation but it includes 2D in a few scenes it’s been released in so many places but here,there might be hope because I heard that “GKIDS”AN AMERICAN DISTRUBITOR is gonna release it here,but no announce date has been announced!!!!omg there’s hope guys!its 2016 already!hurry it up GKIDS!!!!!!

    1. I hope this gets an American release as well. From the looks of it it was released July 2016 in Australia. Much like the Little Prince it would be interesting to see if they launch this movie on Netflix. The earliest would be GKIDS to release it in 2017 or later. But with competition of cars 3, coco, croods 2 and batman lego movie they might hold off on it. If you’ve seen the movie what did you think of it?

      1. ARE YOU SERIOUS AUSTRALIA!?!??!DANGIT!I have the dvd now I seen it already on computer(fflims) it was awesome!!!!!!

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