Gremlin Girl – A Funny Series Discussing Anxiety

Gremlin Girl Web Series:

Youtube has anything and everything imaginable. From how to create the perfect sandwich (more avocado),  to how to seek help, thousands of these videos are posted daily. But what happens when you get a web series that tackles both daily struggles and mental illness? You, of course, get a funny take on a series titled, Gremlin Girl. 

On January 10th, Rebecca Warm (writer and actor for Big Party Show) and Emily Rifkin (an animatic editor at Disney TV Animation)  created a new animated series that follows Franny, an independent, seemingly confident women, and Gremlin Girl the adorable manifestation of her anxieties. From stressing about the enduring consequences of adding avocado to your sandwich and worrying if you’re doing enough to save the polar ice caps, Gremlin Girl is a comedic take on all the ways we’re affected by our neuroses daily.

What I enjoy about the 2D animation so far is this series is relatable and genuinely funny. You relate to the character and you can laugh about something that you might have done similar. I look forward to seeing what other challenges Franny faces and if she does seek help.  The series so far will have 13 episodes.

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