2018 Animation Show of Shows

About the Animation Show of Shows

Returning to theaters across North America, the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS  presents 15 thought-provoking, poignant, and very funny animated shorts from around the world.
“Animation is such a flexible and open-ended medium that it lends itself to exploring the innumerable aspects of what it means to be human,” says founder and curator Ron Diamond. “And this year’s program, as much as any of our past presentations, really illuminates human strengths and foibles, and the bonds that unite us across cultures and generations.”
I want to thank the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) for hosting the event. The Urban Insititute of Contemporary Arts is located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Animation Show of Shows Films

The 15 International Animated Shorts are:  

The Green Bird 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About:  The Green Bird tells a story of a not so smart bird trying to help save an egg.
Review: The bird who is the star of the film is entertaining and unique. Even though the story was very short and simple there were some good comical moments that make you laugh out loud.

One Small Step 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A little girl named Luna dreams of becoming an astronaut.
Review: This short film is easily a top animation for me. I would love to see this film make the top five for best Oscar animated shorts this year. The animation is very well done and the story is compelling. After this short is over, I can guarantee there will be a few people in tears.

Grands Canons 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About:  A collection of past and present instruments that anyone has used.
Review: This stop motion film has so much detail! From the sounds to the products being used, you can tell so much work went into this film. Even though I do not think it will make the top five for best-animated shorts it would make a great case study for advertising/ design.


Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: If you happen to be a goat, you can get anywhere in life.
Review: This simple 2D animation had some pretty hilarious moment discussing cancer research and what it takes to be a goat. You can tell the animators had a lot of fun putting together this film.

Super Girl 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A little girl discussing what it takes to be a super-girl.
Review: The animation reminded me a little of Madeline. I really enjoyed the style design and I think kids can relate to this short film/poem.

Love Me, Fear Me 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About:  A claymation that uses dance to delve into the lengths people go to deceive each other and try to pass for something they’re not.
Review: The color usage and animation style was very well done. I can possibly see this animated short become a top-five contender for an Oscar short.

Business Meeting 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A comical animation depicting the business meetings of  Wallstreet.
Review: This story gives you an inside look (yes it’s funny), about what business meetings entail. It may not give you all the answers to life but it certainly makes you wonder what “#+-4$#2?” means.

Flower Found! 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About:  What does a mouse, a flower and a group of animals have in common? An axe.
Review:  A twisted dark ending that makes you rethink fairytales.


Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A poem composed by preschoolers.
Review: A dark poetic story.

A Table Game 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A monotone comedy about two people trying to catch tennis balls.
Review:  This film can be interpreted in many ways. A  group of friends surprisingly enjoyed the meaning. In their own words, they described this film as, ” not a waste of time. ”

Carlotta’s Face 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A narration that tells the story of a girl with Prosopagnosia, a rare neurological disorder in which individuals are unable to recognize faces.
Review: A dark short film that tells the story of a girl with Prosopagnosia, when she finds meaning through art.

Age of Sail 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A story about a sailor and a girl that happen to meet under unusual circumstances.
Review: This Google spotlight film tells the story of a depressed sailor that finds a girl who has fallen overboard. I enjoyed the lesson in the film. It reminded me of the movie the, Long Way North.


Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About:  A story about a family of polar bears.
Review: This heartwarming story tells the tale of a polar bear family. I recommend this movie to children and adults.

My Moon 

Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A love triangle tale about two polar opposites.
Review: Absolutely loved the animation style of this film as well as the sound effects. I enjoyed the story about love and loss and could possibly see this film become an animated cartoon with episodes.


Credit: Animation Show of Shows

About: A young boy shuttles between the homes of his recently divorced parents.
Review:  Personal storytelling is what makes watchable and captivating.


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